Sunday, September 26, 2010


Squat: 70x5x5
OHP: 55x5x5
Deadlift: 125x5x1
Pull-ups: 4 (1 neg) x1 1 (4 neg) x1 1 (4 neg) x1 (w/ 95 lb assist)
Prone bridges: 30 sec x2 26 sec x1

My body hurts, but I just made some chicken with onions and some rice, so at least I'm full now. For sure the lift that is going to stall the fastest for me is the overhead press. Every time I lift it up, even at this weight, the rest of my body just starts shaking. Other than that, my knee felt surprisingly good while I was squatting today.  However, my hips ache pretty badly because I didn't stretch them over my two rest days for fear of hurting my knee. Feels like an endless cycle, but hopefully it all evens out soon.

The only really disappointing stat today was my pull-ups. They're a lot harder to accomplish than chin-ups, and doing negatives gets old really quick (that shit hurts). I guess it wasn't all bad, as I moved from a 103.5 lb assist to a 95 lb, but the stretch to get from 95 lbs. to unassisted seems pretty large. Maybe that'll make it all the more sweet when I can finally do 1 without any help.

I'll leave you with something that always pumps me up before going to the gym.


  1. im thinking of changing up my routine and i'll try to add this

  2. I need to exercise some more, I don't wanna get fat.