Monday, January 31, 2011


Bench: 140x 5 5 5 4 2
Inverted row: 1x5 1x9 1x6
Reverse crunch: 3x12
Chin-ups: 1x3 1x1 (69 lb assist)

Been a while since I've posted something because I keep getting denied from getting into my school's gym. Has to do with not being enrolled, which I am, and no one will listen to reason. Anyways, the last day I went, last Monday, I hit a 225 lb deadlift, which is 1x my bodyweight. Felt great about that. Kept working on my form, hopefully it'll continue to get better. Benching today felt good, but the last two sets I had a spotter, and it felt much worse then, like I didn't push as hard as I could because someone was there to help. The knowledge that the weight would just fall down on me if I fail without a spotter is pretty good motivation.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Bench: 140x 5 5 4 4 4
Deadlift: 215x5x2
Inverted row: 1x6 1x7 1x5
Reverse crunch: 3x12

Felt good to finally improve in bench since I've been back and plagued with that shoulder injury and whatnot. Deadlift was weird today, my grip didn't fail, but it's hard to explain. It feels like the right side of my back was really tight, though I don't think "tight" does it justice. It doesn't particularly hurt, just doesn't feel right. So I stopped at 2 sets and am probably going to back off for the rest of the week. I'm back at home and it feels fine now, maybe I just need more flexibility/posture changing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Prone bridges: 1x48 sec 1x37 sec 1x31 sec
OHP: some bar work + 65x5x3 in different position than normal
Deadlift: 215x 5 4 2
Chin-ups: 1x4 1x2 1x2 (69.5 lb assist) (1 neg)

Well, my grip finally failed on deadlift, so that's interesting. Double overhand is getting my forearms strong as fuck though, they're completely shot right now. Just gotta hit it harder next sunday. Chin-ups right after deads are brutal, and that's why I think I don't see much progress. On the plus side, today was much better for shoulder movement. I could consistently rack the bar on my shoulders, but moving it from there is still extremely painful, and it still feels tighter than it should.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Deadlift: 205x5x3
Barbell row: 95x5x3
Bench: 135x 5 4 4
Reverse crunches: 3x12 (8 lb assist)

People were using the benches today when I got to the gym, so I decided to do deadlifts first. This was a bad idea. I was done for after my first set. The entire rest of my time at the gym I was extremely sore and tired - even moreso after trying to learn a new lift, the row. By the time I got to bench my grip strength and core was shot, so I didn't stand much of a chance. My back is sore, my legs are sore, but my knees are ok right now, so that's all that matters. Deadlifting is brutal when you do it every workout.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


OHP: n/a, working on form, going to deload all the weight
Deadlift: 195x5x3
Chin-ups: 1x4 1x3 1x2 (69.5 lb assist) (1 neg per)
Prone bridges: 1x33 sec 1x29 sec 1x27 sec

Hurt my shoulder last week and had to take another week off. Injuries are the worst. However, did something cool today. Finally was able to rack the bar on my shoulders for pressing. The problem seems to be tight triceps, so I did some really easy stretches and was able to rest the bar there no problem. The only problem now is my wrist flexibility, because I'm not able to lift from that position without extreme pain, so I'm going to deload all my weight in an attempt to become better at that. Knee pain was great today, deadlifts felt amazing, if they keep feeling this good I'm subbing them in for squats everyday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Bench: 135x 5 5 5 4 4
Inverted rows: 1x9 1x7 1x8 (low)
Dips: 1x5 1x3 1x3 (52.5 lb assist)
Reverse crunches: 2x12 1x10 (8 lb medicine ball)

Thankfully I did not die on the way back, but the week off felt good. I'm also going to be taking off as much time as I need from deadlifts until my leg feels 100% normal, because I don't want to have lasting pain the rest of my life. Bench wasn't that great today because I met up with a buddy and he was going faster than I was used to. That being said, I still did quite good for not lifting for a while and being out of my comfort zone on time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Bench: 135x 5 5 5 5 4.5
Inverted rows: 1x2 (from ground) 1x7 1x10 1x7 (mid)
Dips: 1x7 1x5 1x5 (58 lb assist)
Reverse crunches: 3x12 (10 lb medicine ball)

I count the last rep as .5 because I had a spotter, and I held the bar for a good 15-20 seconds just couldn't get past mid-height. So with the barest help I had help to get it up. That being said, I'm still probably going up to 140 next time I bench, it just feels right, and I felt good enough about the lifting I did to day to up it. Need to drive back to school, so I lose my bumper plates, but I gain a cleaner workspace. Can't wait to deadlift on a not still messed up knee, or squat ever, but I know it will happen sometime. So disgruntled I exercised on it before when it was really not healed, because that's definitely what fucked it up for so long.