Thursday, September 30, 2010


Squat: 80x5x5
OHP: 60x5x5
Deadlift: 135x5x1
Chin-ups: 1x4 (2 neg) 1x2 (3 neg) 1x1 (4 neg)
Prone bridge: 1x31 sec 1x28 sec 1x24 sec

In reverse fashion from normal, my OHP felt great today and my squatting felt like shit. My knee is in some pain right now, but I'm pretty sure I actually had better form than the other times I've squatted, so I figure it's just a product of injuring it beforehand. Also, finally moved up to real 45 lb plates for my deadlift, so it was sort of a personal victory there (of course my form is awful, so I shouldn't be celebrating too hard). I think the reason I maintained similar chin-up results is due to starting all the way down this time, instead of doing half-way chin-ups. Either way, negatives burn, but I know it's all doing me a world of good.

Here's Arnold talking about the pump. (lol)


  1. arnold is such a pro. I wish I looked half as good as he did during his prime.

  2. I think Arnold was happier back then . No worries at all except winning contests , which was easy job for him , fucking till he got tired , some pot from time to time . You get the idea