Sunday, October 3, 2010


Squat: 90x5x5
Bench: 75x5x5
Inverted rows: 1x16 1x10 1x8
Push-ups: 1x12 1x7 1x5
Reverse crunches: 3x12 (15 lb medicine ball)

So I think going up by 10 lbs every workout on my squat is a little too much, going to slow it down again. Knee hurt this time, same with my lower back, so I'm obviously performing something incorrectly. Bench felt great, don't think I'm going to peak for a good long time, so I'm still going to keep increasing by 10 lbs a workout. Inverted rows were easier today, I might lower the bar next time and see how that affects it. If I can still do 5+ per set then I'll keep it there. Sucks to have a two day rest and feel great then go in and feel like shit after squatting, it's a bummer.

Housey song from The Social Network (highly recommend seeing, btw).

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