Monday, January 31, 2011


Bench: 140x 5 5 5 4 2
Inverted row: 1x5 1x9 1x6
Reverse crunch: 3x12
Chin-ups: 1x3 1x1 (69 lb assist)

Been a while since I've posted something because I keep getting denied from getting into my school's gym. Has to do with not being enrolled, which I am, and no one will listen to reason. Anyways, the last day I went, last Monday, I hit a 225 lb deadlift, which is 1x my bodyweight. Felt great about that. Kept working on my form, hopefully it'll continue to get better. Benching today felt good, but the last two sets I had a spotter, and it felt much worse then, like I didn't push as hard as I could because someone was there to help. The knowledge that the weight would just fall down on me if I fail without a spotter is pretty good motivation.

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