Tuesday, October 5, 2010


OHP: 65x5x5
Pull-ups: 3x1 (2 neg) 1x1 (4 neg) 1x1 (4 neg)
Prone bridges: 3x30 sec

Well, I figured that my knee hurting so badly after the last workout was a bad sign, so I decided to pull squats for a week or two and see how I feel. Depresses me because squatting is the basic element to any weight lifting routine, but I know that when I feel fully better I can start again. There is a fine line between soreness and injury and I think I've hit it. On the plus side, my OHP is still going up every workout, and that was the exercise where I thought I would barely be able to do the bar on, so that's good at least.

Frank Yang is by far the coolest (and craziest) powerlifter I've ever seen.

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