Sunday, October 17, 2010


Bench: 105x5x5
Inverted rows: 1x23 2x20
Push-ups: 1x15 1x14 1x11
Reverse crunches: 2x11 1x8 (8 lb assist)

Fuck doing close grip push-ups, that shit sucks. If I need to, I'll find some isolation exercise that hits my tris, but I'm going back to my standard form push-ups from now on. Also, I have achieved a .5xbw bench today, so I'm super pumped. Best part is that benching is still quite easy at this point. Not too shabby for someone who could barely do a single push-up a year and a half ago, and benching over 65 was a deal breaker.

Off to hit the books again. Hope I'm done by 10 so I can catch the new episode of Mad Men.

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